Senior Results 6/23/15

24 Jun 2015, Posted by Admin in Seniors
Swan Lakes Senior Association

Senior Association Results

“Two Person Blind Draw”
June 23rd 2015

Women’s 1st Flight

1st Place – J. Frandsen, M. Naisbitt
2nd Place – D. McComb, J. Wynn

Women’s 2nd Flight

1st Place – P. Raymond, J. Green
2nd Place – B. Taylor, B. Wood

Men’s 1st Flight

1st Place – B. Miller, W. Lynch
2nd Place – C. Ngo, J. Crosbie

Men’s 2nd Flight

1st Place – D. Hocchheiser, G. Waldron
2nd Place – R. Loomis, A. Archibegue

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