Ladies Results 5/15/14

20 May 2014, Posted by Admin in Ladies

Swan Lakes Ladies Association

Ladies Association Results

“Two Hole Throw Out”
May 15th 2014

Ladies 1st Flight

1st Place – Lucy Ewing
2nd Place – Jeanne Jackson
3rd Place – Marcia Miller
4th Place – Janice Thompson
5th Place – Deonne Schrauth
6th Place – Wendy Marsell

Ladies 2nd Flight

1st Place – Roxy Hood
2nd Place – Hazel Christensen
3rd Place – Heidi Moss
4th Place – Susan Zanayed
5th Place – Cathy Ohlson
6th Place – Lottie Morgan

Ladies 3rd Flight

1st Place – Peggy Frecker
2nd Place – Colleen Thurgood
3rd Place Tie – Vickie Mattson
3rd Place Tie – Shauna Penrod
4th Place – Sharon Decker
5th Place – Becky Hansen

Closest To Hole #3 – Chieko Miya
Closest To Hole #9 – Susan Zanayed
Long Drive #4 – Shellie Simmons

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