Father’s Day Tournament Results 2017

19 Jun 2017, Posted by Admin in Events
Father's Day Tournament

Father, Son, Daughter, Grandfather Tournament

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Girls 9 & Under

1st – Andrew Glover Kaitlin Glover
2nd – Mark Coon Kya Coon
3rd – Zach Goodwin Trinitee Goodwin

Girls 13-23

Tie 1st – Scott Checketts Brittney Checketts
Tie 1st – Brian Hair Kelsie Hair
2nd – Scott Checketts Meigan Checketts
3rd – Fale Pulia Lauren Livingston

Women 40+

1st – Kay Arnell Crystal Olszewski
2nd – Carl Harry Nicole Harry

Boys 9 & Under

Tie 1st – Joe Amos Wyatt Amos
Tie 1st – Brian Smith Jenson Ellington
2nd – Chad Erickson Carson Erickson

Boys 10-11

1st – Lance Patterson Craiten Patterson
2nd – Gerry Wood Cohen Wood

Boys 12-14

1st – Tyler Watts Eric Watts
2nd – Tige McDowell Taijun McDowell
Tie – 3rd Andrew Glover Shawn Glover
Tie – 3rd Jeff Clark Payton Clark

Boys 15-19

1st – Andrew Glover Justin Glover
2nd – Tyler Watts Jed Watts
Tie 3rd – Bill Burtts Max Burtts
Tie 3rd – Carl Harry Xuriyah Harry

Men 20-35

Tie 1st – Jeff Clark Connor Clark
Tie 1st – Roger Price Travis Price
Tie 2nd – Bryan Livingston Connor Livingston
Tie 2nd – Rocky Hamblin Rocky Hamblin JR
Tie 3rd – Bryan Livingston Tanner Livingston
Tie 3rd – Tom Carter Braden Davis

Men 36+

Tie 1st – Lee Watts Tyler Watts
Tie 1st – Ron Price Allen Price
2nd – Guy Erickson Chad Erickson
3rd – Richard Sparks Rick Sparks

Closest To The Hole #1 N/A
Closest To The Hole #3 Eric Watts
Closest To The Hole #5 Jed Watts
Closest To The Hole #7 Andrew Glover
Closest To The Hole #9 Scott Checketts

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