Swan Lakes Offers Three different levels of Junior Clinics to accommodate to all levels of Junior Golfers, from the Beginner to Advanced. Each clinic will run for 1 hour Tuesday thru Thursday and 1 1/2 hours on Friday.

AGES: 6 – 17 years of age

COST: $50.00 Per Student

INCLUDES: 4 1/2 hours of instruction, range balls, equipment (if needed) tournament, prizes and lunch/brunch on final day. Space is limited and pre-payment is required to reserve your spot.

(Please read through all of the levels and select the level that best suites your child.)



PAR level clinics are for the beginning golfers interested in learning how fun golf can be. Lessons include: Introduction to G.C.A.S setup routine, Basic Fundamentals including grip, alignment, ball position, stance and posture. Lessons include putting, chipping and full swings with short irons and drivers. Putting Course Tournament and lunch on final day.


Par Clinics will be held the following weeks at 9:30 AM & 11:00 AM.  (Unless stated differently below)

June 5-8 (Full)
June 12-15 (Full)
June 19-22 (Full)

June 26-29 (Full)
July 10-13 (Full)
July 17-20 (Full)

July 31 – Aug 3 (Full)
August 7-10 (Full)
August 14-17 (9:30 Full)

*On Friday Tournament day, all Summer Par class times will be 10:00 to 11:30 AM.



BIRDIE level clinics are for the players who have a good understanding of basic fundamentals. Lessons include further development of all fundamentals, as well as, short game techniques (chipping, pitching, putting). Full swings with mid irons, long irons, fairway metals and drivers. Proper golf etiquette will be learned. Skills Challenge Tournament and brunch on final day.

Birdie Clinics will be held the following weeks at 8:00 AM.

June 5-8 (Full)
June 12-15 (Full)
June 19-22 (Full)

July 10-13 (Full)
July 17-20 (Full)
August 7-10 (Full)

August 14-17 (Full)



EAGLE level clinics are for the payers who have an excellent understanding of golf fundamentals. Lessons include further development in short game techniques (sand bunkers, flop shots, etc.). Trouble shot techniques, full swings w/short irons thru drivers as well as punch shots. Rules and Etiquette Q&A. Skills Challenge Tournament or Golf Course Tournament (when permitted) and brunch on final day.

Eagle Clinics will be held the following weeks at 8:00 AM.

June 26-29

July 31-August 3 

Refunds/Cancellations Can Be Issued With a Minimum of 2 Weeks Written Notice.



This Ten Week program is for a limited number of Experienced Junior Golfers ages 12-17, interested in taking the steps to compete at the High School and Collegiate level. All aspects of golf will be covered including putting, chipping, iron play, woods, hazards, trouble shots, etiquette, and rules. The program runs every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. beginning June 10th and ending on August 12th.

The Fee is $100.00 per student which includes instruction, range balls, and equipment if needed. Call Trevor Romney at (801) 499-2955 with any questions or for more information.

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